Friday, December 6, 2013

Trip to Island Paintball (Indoors)

In addition to Jimmy's open invite to join us as a team. I'd like to thank him for allowing me to contribute. As a team, the corny quote that holds true is: "there is no -I- in team." For a newbie can teach a veteran and of course vice versa. We come from all walks of life, physical attributes and experiences. In my many years of paintball I have come across many people who have taught me "alot" and I have taught others. To be a pro, there's more than just shoot them up; I was told once to be methodical. And that is what's involved in team work, where this open invite and hopefully future invites stand. Join us to grow as a team with other teams or as an individual... for the sport or as training as a diehard soldier.

A 'Straight Shooter' in my opinion is someone who doesn't just take advantage of ramping mode to get a kill, it should be considered a contingency. I guess that's why some prefer MilSim or Magfed. There should be a strategy behind a good kill.

...And that is one concept. Every organizational structure like the military or a company or a drug cartel has a structure, concepts, protocols, being adaptive to changing situations, etc...

...What is a fireteam? It is a special tactical team outside the main unit and provides support or independent self operations outside the core unit. I like Fireteam S.S. (Straight ShooterZ, the initials for our two last names put together, or depending on the games initials) as a name which the S.S. can evolve for what it stands for as we grow. But again, it's about the team and adapting.

Name: Andrew S.
Experience: 7 years (off/on and randomly without structure, got serious with paintball last year)
Marker/Gun: Planet Eclipse Ego 10

We can also discuss jerseys with names on them, as of right now $20 plus $6 shipping to put your name and team on the back of your existing jersey. Understand a fresh jersey design for a six person team with team name and your name can cost $100+ each. We make no profit off this. Feel free to do your own research and let us know.

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