Sunday, August 9, 2009

ASA/Detents/NDZ Trigger

Alright, got the Check It Detents (Same as NDZ or TechT), but cheaper. So popped in my marker and tested out. I'd say they are a lot better than the stock detents. At least now i don't have to worry about the paintball falling out of barrel.

Along with Detents i had placed an order for 32 Degree On/Off ASA with No bleed. Fairly cheap and does the job good. I'd say amazing. Looks Solid. Put the ASA on, had to use Gorilla Glue under the Drop Forward to get Better Grip of the Rail. I must say it took time but now it looks solid, and works like charm.

I had placed an order for NDZ Trigger which is on the way.. I will install the trigger and will post the picture of my marker. All markers are unique in a sense how much creativity and upgrades you put. Well wait for an update.

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